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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Marketing

The single most effective use of digital time, effort and funds is to start the focus on SEO.  This is not fast, but it pays off over time with good content on your site.  We’re experts at developing ways to dominate the search engines with links to your parts.

PPC Ad Management

Google Adwords & other Pay-Per-Click ads are an instant way to get huge amounts of highly targeted visitors to your parts website.  If you’re not an expert with PPC, then setting-up these campaigns is not quick or simple.  We are experts with PPC.

Social Media Marketing

While you might not actually sell parts through Social Media, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better platform to get your existing customers to rate and review (and rave about) your dealership.  It’s a great way to show some personality and let potential customers know that you’re legit.


Content Development

Good content is critical to anything on the web.  This isn’t just the fun “marketing” stuff, but it also goes deep into how your pages are setup, what areas are you focusing on and do you have highly targeted text and images on your site to cover those subjects?  We’ll devise a gameplan for you to get A-list content on your site.


Conversion Rate Optimization

One of the most important metrics to follow in any type of digital marketing is the Conversion Rate.  While it’s important to pay attention to your overall marketing plan, the rate that you can convert traffic to switch from website visitors to parts-ordering customers is pretty telling for the health of your marketing engagements.


Product Shopping Feed Management

One of the most frequent questions we get these days relate to showing product image ads on Google.  These are all managed with your product feed into Google Merchant Center and you really need to step carefully when creating a strategy around this.  Fortunately we’ve been managing product feeds for years and can help you.


Regional Auto Parts Marketing

While all auto dealers have dreams of selling parts on a national or even international basis, very often it’s possible to gain traction quickly and effectively with a local or regional digital marketing approach.  We’ve done this successfully for years, let us help you.


eBay Parts Listing Management

Another option to be considered is actually to sell products online directly through a 3rd party website that does the hard for for you already.  Sites like Amazon and eBay do the dirty work for you to get the audience and you’ll find very often instant sales with little effort.


Overall Website Management

No website is an island, they are part of the collective web and sometimes to make your site stand out, you need to consider customizations.  Not only that, but linking together your parts with with your main dealer site can dramatically improve your SEO and PPC at the same time.  Ask how us, we’ll prove it!

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With over 10 years experience in dealer and auto parts marketing, the principals of OEM Ignite are offering their skills and services to dealerships selling auto parts online.  In today’s highly competitive environment, OEM Ignite has proven digital marketing strategies designed to help increase sales while decreasing overall marketing expense.

Our ten-member digital marketing team consists of full-time specialists, no contractors will work on client accounts or be given access to any client data.  We’re a digital marketing firm with integrity so we never cut corners or be anything except transparent to our customers.